Monday, October 26, 2009

Where did my blog title come from?

Way back when I first was a single Mom of three my life was unbelievably busy. I had a seven year old a five year old and a newborn. I was also working full time and trying to finish my degree. In addition, I had "What's his name" to cope with and (insert name here) I was trying to maintain a friendship with. Talk about being pulled in all directions!

I got into the habit of telling fun stories about my kids to pretty much anyone who would listen. Many told me I should write a book. At the time I took it as a compliment. I wonder now if they just wanted me to stop telling them these cute little stories. ????

I got as far as a few chapters.

Here is part of chapter one:

Multitasking: Microsoft may have coined that phrase but mother's have been doing it for centuries. I never realized how much I could accomplish all at once until I became a single mother of three. Not to toot my own horn as I know I am not the only one, I am just proud of my ability to juggle so much. When I was in college I couldn't get anything done and all I did was go to school (ok, and the occasional club).

Anyway, one of my crowning moments in motherhood was a day I had decided to make a roast for dinner (on a school night). G1 was having trouble with math homework so I was helping her. G2 was reading to me from a school assignment. I was nursing G3 when the timer went off on my oven. I was able to continue everything while getting dinner on the table!!!! Woo hoo. Good times.

Later that same week I got a visit from (insert name here). I hadn't seen him in a while so I was glad he was there. Here is how that evening went:

Oh Hey (insert name here) I am so glad you stopped by."
A2: "Mom A1 just kicked me!"
A1: "Only because A2 won't shut off the light"
A2: "I am trying to read!!!!!"
A3: "Waaaaaaaaaaaa!

(Insert name here) just read the newspaper.

Me, I was on the couch, with a cat sitting on my head.

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