Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What have I done for me lately?

Well, I made a declaration in my blog that I would do something every day to improve my life. Ummm. I try, I really do but lately I have just been reacting. I can say that last night I did a few good things.

I went to dinner with a very good friend I haven't seen in a long, long time. She is someone I have known since high school and was visiting town so we went to dinner. Good for me!
I picked up my middle daughter (G2) from BBall practice. Good for us, as we had a chance to chat. We really have fun with the chats.
I helped my youngest (G3) with big a 3rd grade project, and did not yell at "what's his name" when he sat by (slaying dragons) and watched her struggle. That last part was good for all of us because the fighting does not help it just makes everyone sad and tense.
My oldest has been struggling with homework as high school is a high volume homework situation. I used to try to be very gentle and encouraging with her as she does have an ASD. I have decided recently that I am going to have put the hammer down a bit. My tone is a bit more stern and I am a lot more straight forward. I am proud to say that her response is very positive. She will be trying to get into post secondary schooling in a couple of years and she has a wonderful mind. I don't want her missing out!

Well, it ain't slaying dragons but at least I helped a few real people!

Woo hooo!

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