Monday, October 19, 2009

And the hits just keep on comin'

So, the last I wrote my middle gal (G2) was trying to convince "What's his name" not to spend money on parts to fix their computer. Not sure if he ignores what he doesn't want to hear or if he just didn't understand. Now we have two working computers.

I am thinking back to my days of therapy. My favorite session was when my counselor said "now let's take a look at your responsibility in this situation". At first I was angry because I felt as if I was the only one taking any responsibility. Then after a few deep breathes and a minute or two of ranting, I realized that there is some freedom to that statement. I could choose what would take place. I can't control "What's his name" 's actions but I can make choices about how I respond to them. So, what the hell am I going to do? I don't know but there are many other improvements I can make at home and I will start that this evening.

First, the gals and I need a calendar of events. G1 & G3 have girl scouts starting, G2 has basketball. I am involved with a committee or two that will be starting soon. The evenings are soooo busy that it is hard to keep up. Keeping organized will be one way for me to keep my sanity - relatively speaking.

Also, I do need to approach "What's his name" in regard to some of his behaviors. I don't really believe he wants to hurt anyone, especially his daughters. He just seems so mired down in depression that he isn't able to take care of himself let alone think about others. I know I cannot fix him. I just need to be straight with how I am feeling and with what I am hearing from the girls.

This weekend I actually went out. I don't do that very often at all so it was a terrific opportunity to blow off some steam and see a really cool 60s & 70s type band. Good times. It was a friend's birthday and it was great to celebrate with her. I am so grateful that I can trust me children at home alone. G2 had a bunch of friends over and they were a nice group. They played Rock Band and watched some movies. Nothing was broken and there were no complaints from G3 which means all were very well behaved. I was exhausted though. Because I wanted the night off I switched shifts at my second (or is it 3rd) job. I was at work at 5:30 (ok 5:40) in the morning on Saturday and did not get home until after 2. When I get too old for that?? I remember a time when it would even phase me to loose sleep.

Ok, now I am
reminiscing. Time to move back into this century.....

"See" you tomorrow.

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