Friday, April 30, 2010

Tonite I see "What's his name"'s parents

My baby G2 is in a Pops concert tonight with the concert band. My ex in-laws are coming down to see it. I think that is so cool. They have been really good to me - especially since the divorce. They really didn't choose sides or get overly involved.

This weekend I work on Saturday but before that, I need to drive G2 to a track meet. I honestly don't know how she does all that she does - I am just glad she does...

And yes, "What's his name" still has not gotten paid. Funny, it seems to bother me more than it does him. Of course he is able to borrow money from his children...................

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An update on life in the "What's his name" is sleeping on my couch status

Ok, to be honest, he is not really sleeping on my couch. He is sleeping on his couch - in my living room. Has not given my any money to speak of in 5 weeks. He sold a few things and gave me a twenty here and there but I have basically been trying to subsist on only my income - not an easy feat for four of us.

He is working and has (I think) finally gotten paid. This is a temp job so this is not a get of my house card - yet. Again, I hope this position will motivate him to do more for himself. The irony of this job though is that it is sort of a work-from-home position for the most part. Of course, it's my home......

Beyond that I finally have a cell phone again. It is very exciting! I can text, send pictures oh yeah, and make phone calls...

Work is going well. I think I am letting myself get kind of stale though and I need to find my energy again.

G1 went to Animae Detour recently and has discovered that she doesn't much like crowds but she had a good time.

G2's prom date fell through. Apparently, on their second date he had asked her to be his girlfriend. She told him that she thought they should get to know each other better and next thing you know he stopped calling and didn't return her messages. Later we found out that he is going with someone else. I am so proud of her though. She really wasn't hurt as much as irritated that he couldn't just be honest with her.

G3 was recently in the 3rd grade production of Mary Poppins. She had gotten the part she wanted - Jane Banks. I was so proud of her!

This is all great stuff but I really need to spice things up. I would love to take a trip - even just a quick jaunt "Up North". All I do is work, work and work. I really think I should reactivate my fun valve. If anyone has a suggestion as to how to do that please let me know! PLEASE

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hoping for a little self improvement

So, I have been thinking about all the things that have been getting me down: Money, "What's his name", money, my weight, money, my lack of energy and on and on. I realized that even though I cannot immediately do anything about my financial situation or "what's his name" I may be able to take a stab at my weight issue thus helping with my lack of energy issue. I am going to get "back on the horse" by starting to exercise again. I have the Gazelle Elite that I can jump on each nite and I could take a walk with my baby (G3). I can also be just a little more careful about the things I am eating.

So, my new and improved goal is to work on the things I can do something about. As far as "What's his name" goes, I may need to get a better second job so that when he can't pay me it won't damage me and when he does pay, it will enhance our lives. I will also continue to remind him that he has a responsibility to pay the money he owes me. I was thinking that I had been very clear but he doesn't seem to get how critical it is to let me know what is going on with his unemployment or when he will start to get paid from his new job. (SIGH)

I also think that blogging more would be very helpful to me. In the long run, this will be a great way to have a record of what goes on with the kids. By the way they are really fabulous. G1 has her struggles but of all my kids, I have learned the most from her. G2 is doing very well with pretty much everything. G3 is my baby. She is very smart and very head strong. This is a very challenging combination but if she is directed the right way she will be an unmitigated success.

So, all in all things don't suck so much :)

Happy Monday everyone.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

If my Life were a gameshow, it would be...

Jeopardy. Here is why:

I have always considered myself to be relatively intelligent, I have a college education, I have been raising three really good children on my own for the past nine years, I handle complex accounting issues daily and pretty much find solutions to many of life's little dilemmas.

Round one, I choose: Dr. Spock for $1,000 Alex. The answer is A CONFIDENT LOVING CHILD

What is "What does communication, caring and consistency produce?" Ding, Ding, Ding! For a thousand dollars!

Now Alex I choose finances for $500. The answer is TO MAKE SURE ALL YOUR BILLS ARE PAID.

What is "The reason you work and encourage your kids' father to pay child support. Ding, Ding, Ding! For a five hundred dollars!

Skipping ahead, I have won every round (mathematics, history, teen dating, temper tantrums from a nine year old, even autism) but final Jeopardy is Potpourri ooooooo and I bet it all!


My question: "Why do people like and respect me so much" Alex OH! sorry mommy1964 that is incorrect! The winning answer would be "Why is your ex-husband still living with you after almost a year and now can't pay you anything because his unemployment ran out".

Oh mommy1964 I am sure all that money would have gone a long way toward feeding and educating your children but unfortunately it looks like you may just need to take on more hours at you second job. Good luck to you!