Monday, April 12, 2010

Hoping for a little self improvement

So, I have been thinking about all the things that have been getting me down: Money, "What's his name", money, my weight, money, my lack of energy and on and on. I realized that even though I cannot immediately do anything about my financial situation or "what's his name" I may be able to take a stab at my weight issue thus helping with my lack of energy issue. I am going to get "back on the horse" by starting to exercise again. I have the Gazelle Elite that I can jump on each nite and I could take a walk with my baby (G3). I can also be just a little more careful about the things I am eating.

So, my new and improved goal is to work on the things I can do something about. As far as "What's his name" goes, I may need to get a better second job so that when he can't pay me it won't damage me and when he does pay, it will enhance our lives. I will also continue to remind him that he has a responsibility to pay the money he owes me. I was thinking that I had been very clear but he doesn't seem to get how critical it is to let me know what is going on with his unemployment or when he will start to get paid from his new job. (SIGH)

I also think that blogging more would be very helpful to me. In the long run, this will be a great way to have a record of what goes on with the kids. By the way they are really fabulous. G1 has her struggles but of all my kids, I have learned the most from her. G2 is doing very well with pretty much everything. G3 is my baby. She is very smart and very head strong. This is a very challenging combination but if she is directed the right way she will be an unmitigated success.

So, all in all things don't suck so much :)

Happy Monday everyone.

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