Thursday, April 1, 2010

If my Life were a gameshow, it would be...

Jeopardy. Here is why:

I have always considered myself to be relatively intelligent, I have a college education, I have been raising three really good children on my own for the past nine years, I handle complex accounting issues daily and pretty much find solutions to many of life's little dilemmas.

Round one, I choose: Dr. Spock for $1,000 Alex. The answer is A CONFIDENT LOVING CHILD

What is "What does communication, caring and consistency produce?" Ding, Ding, Ding! For a thousand dollars!

Now Alex I choose finances for $500. The answer is TO MAKE SURE ALL YOUR BILLS ARE PAID.

What is "The reason you work and encourage your kids' father to pay child support. Ding, Ding, Ding! For a five hundred dollars!

Skipping ahead, I have won every round (mathematics, history, teen dating, temper tantrums from a nine year old, even autism) but final Jeopardy is Potpourri ooooooo and I bet it all!


My question: "Why do people like and respect me so much" Alex OH! sorry mommy1964 that is incorrect! The winning answer would be "Why is your ex-husband still living with you after almost a year and now can't pay you anything because his unemployment ran out".

Oh mommy1964 I am sure all that money would have gone a long way toward feeding and educating your children but unfortunately it looks like you may just need to take on more hours at you second job. Good luck to you!

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