Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An update on life in the "What's his name" is sleeping on my couch status

Ok, to be honest, he is not really sleeping on my couch. He is sleeping on his couch - in my living room. Has not given my any money to speak of in 5 weeks. He sold a few things and gave me a twenty here and there but I have basically been trying to subsist on only my income - not an easy feat for four of us.

He is working and has (I think) finally gotten paid. This is a temp job so this is not a get of my house card - yet. Again, I hope this position will motivate him to do more for himself. The irony of this job though is that it is sort of a work-from-home position for the most part. Of course, it's my home......

Beyond that I finally have a cell phone again. It is very exciting! I can text, send pictures oh yeah, and make phone calls...

Work is going well. I think I am letting myself get kind of stale though and I need to find my energy again.

G1 went to Animae Detour recently and has discovered that she doesn't much like crowds but she had a good time.

G2's prom date fell through. Apparently, on their second date he had asked her to be his girlfriend. She told him that she thought they should get to know each other better and next thing you know he stopped calling and didn't return her messages. Later we found out that he is going with someone else. I am so proud of her though. She really wasn't hurt as much as irritated that he couldn't just be honest with her.

G3 was recently in the 3rd grade production of Mary Poppins. She had gotten the part she wanted - Jane Banks. I was so proud of her!

This is all great stuff but I really need to spice things up. I would love to take a trip - even just a quick jaunt "Up North". All I do is work, work and work. I really think I should reactivate my fun valve. If anyone has a suggestion as to how to do that please let me know! PLEASE

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