Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Quick update

Recently, I have discovered that I may have high blood pressure. I go to the doctor's on Friday to see about treatment. Without knowing what will happen my mind goes in many directions. I have begun to mourn may a thing: My youth, good health without effort, coffee, cigarettes, excess stress. But of course change may be good.

I have learned to use it to my advantage with my gals. When G3 gets cranky about getting up in the morning - hey don't do that - Mommy doesn't need the stress - High Blood Pressure. Chores are getting done, very little arguing amongst my Gs.

I know that my life will need to change. The funny thing is, if I do things right all the changing will be for the better. If I quit smoking, I will breathe better. If I exercise, I will sleep better. I may even lose some weight. Change is very intimidating for an old gal like me though. Change means having to admit to the error of my ways. Nobody wants to do that.

I am lucky in that I know my three gals will be supportive.

News with G1 - she is starting a yoga class. Lucky for us they are offering it at her school. WTG G1's high school.

News with G2 - She is planning next year's school schedule - this will include some PSOE. Funny story - I went to search this acronym on Google and they told me the definition was "Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (Spanish: Partido Socialista Obrero EspaƱo)" However, that was not what I meant at all. This is a program where student's in Junior and Senior year can take college courses and it's free!

News with G3 - Short hair! And not without a fight. Also, it is creativity fair time. She is trying to think of a project she can display at the creativity fair. It doesn't seem difficult but it needs to be lined up with her Achieve class long term project - Aliens. If anyone has any suggestions - I am all for it!