Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Other "Woman"

So there I was, married with two kids, working two jobs and going to school full-time. My husband declares that he is not happy and doesn' t want to be married anymore. I was not surprised but I guess I didn't get why it was all my fault. There were times that "What's his name" was spending up toward 18 hours on the internet and I really didn't get what the big pull was to not be with three dimensional people, yet I had made him miserable.....
As I had said before, I was not the most confident person in the world so mostly I did feel that this was all my fault. Part of me was also very suspicious so one day I started checking the history on the computer. I also checked out his e-mail account. Of all things there was an e-mail from someone who loved "What's his name" very, very much and couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. What th' ?????
So, as insecure as I was, I wasn't going to let him think he could get away with lying to me.

As an aside, I never understood this lying business from him. He has never been able to lie to me without me finding out later. I always have. If it hadn't been such a painful way to find out the truth I would have been laughing at the stupidity of it all. Why not just say "I met someone else" Oh wait! I know, they hadn't met. They had just ya know "met".

I confronted "What's his name". He of course was infuriated that I invaded his privacy and anyway she would be a better wife and mother than I ever was. Now, I grant you that maybe he wouldn't have to wrestle the remote away from her and they had never had an argument but that's probably because THEY HADN'T MET FACE TO FACE.

At this time, Greyhound was $99. During one of our many arguments I offered him the bus fare to go and meet her because, after all, if she was really the one...
Well, no. They were not ready to meet yet. As angry and scared as I was I thought that was hysterical and I realized then that I was not losing all that much.

After this I realized that I really didn't want the marriage either. I wanted me and my children to have a happy, relatively normal life. How could I ever do that on my own.....

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