Friday, October 16, 2009

Sometimes, it is sad to see how smart my children have to be but I am really proud of them

I had a very intense conversation with G2 regarding "What's his name" last night. She has been wanting to go to a local amusement park to see "What's his name" 's show. He had said that he would get them tickets. Now he is saying he can't afford it because he wants to buy parts for their computer. A2 is saying, and I agree that we don't need a second computer. "What's his name" has said that he wants to be able to use his computer. A2 has countered with the fact that they are at school all day so he has plenty of time.

He has also taken to stealing soda from the kids and hoarding his own. I really cannot imagine being that desperate.

G2 and I had a very long talk about her taking on too much responsibility in regard to "What's his name". I am worried about how much she worries and tries to be his caretaker. I did tell her that protecting her and her sisters (G1 & G3) was my job and I am happy to do it.

Here is what she told me. "I know that you take care of us. I feel the need to get involved though. I am afraid that one day, when he is older and coming to the end of his life he will have nothing and that would break my heart." Deep for 14 isn't she?

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