Monday, November 30, 2009

Everybody Hurts, (sometimes)

Lately, I have really been sad. I don't know if it's because "What's his name" is still living with us or because I am broke or because I wouldn't be able to pay the rent without "What's his name" living with us or a number of other things I could name. I have just been plain old sad. It is true that I have clinical depression but this is not my normal way of feeling. I usually have a lot more energy and get excited about things more often.

Anyway, this whole mood got me thinking about the days when I was getting divorced. There was one song that I consistently listened to that I thought gave a pretty strong message about bad times and surviving them. It is a song by REM - "Everybody Hurts". Since the kids (G1 & G2) were in the car when I would pop in the tape, they heard it quite a bit. Two conversations I had with them really shows who they are as people even today.

As we were going down the road listening to this song, G2 (age 4) asked "Mommy, why does he say Everybody Hurts"? I told her (and G1 also) that what they were saying is that even when times get tough, you are not alone. Everyone has trouble and struggles with their emotions so you shouldn't feel alone and you should never give up because things always get better.

About two weeks later, G1 (age 5) said, "Mommy why does he say everybody hurts? OH! Did he bonk his head??" Then G2 (always in the know) said "No (nickname of G1) he's talking about 'motions!" I followed up by telling G1 the same thing I told G2.

For some reason that story really sticks with me during sad times. I can still hear them singing along to that tape.

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