Monday, November 23, 2009


My side of the family threw a party yesterday in honor of Thanksgiving. What a great time. We had lots of family show up. Some cousins on my Mom's were there and it was so great to catch up with them.

I thought this arrangement was so ideal. This way, the kids could spend a holiday with "What's his name's" family. They are really good people. They are super family oriented and always know how to throw a holiday party.

Since I am at a point that I really don't think these things should fall to me, I had asked "What's his name" to try to arrange transportation for them as it is down the road a piece. He said he would (after all, "What's his name" is nothing if not agreeable). Now apparently, his attempt involved leaving a note on Facebook for his brother. In the meantime, G2 contacted him ("What's his name's" brother) independently and found out that they were going to Thanksgiving on his wife's side. "What's his name" still insists that he is trying.

During the Thanksgiving party my little G3 had said "I sure hope I don't turn out like my Dad". Part of me is so glad that she is thinking ahead. The other part of me is very saddened that she is learning how to live through a contra-example.

And again last night (3 a.m. this morning) my youngest came into my room because she couldn't sleep.

Also, WOW am I ever lucky my sister is a doctor. As it turns out, it's possible the snotty PA that treated my daughter may have misdiagnosed her. According to Dr. Sister she has torn a specific type of cartilage, one that connects he kneecap to her knee and she should be getting physical therapy instead of using crutches and immobilizing it. I have made the follow up appointment so we shall see how this all turns out.

Have a wonderful rest of the day.

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