Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good. Friday movie night went really well with G3. G2 had a date with a new fella and it seemed to go well. According to my G2, he is not her boyfriend since she isn't sure that is what she needs in her life right now. It seems that is what he wants but she needs to wait. I am so glad to hear her say that. It means she is thinking, not just feeling.

I had a really weird chat with "What's his name" about our living situation. I let him know that I felt really disrespected as he never even bothered to ask me if he could stay past August. I reminded him that my offer was only extended through the summer. I also told him that he needed to have a plan. He seems to think that this is for my benefit. It really is not. I would really like the kids to see him helping himself. I also encouraged him to get some medical insurance through the many programs that are available in our area. He said he doesn't believe in welfare. Uumm. WHAT? For some reason he thinks that unemployment is not part of the welfare system. I did the math. He has withdrawn all funds that were paid into these programs on his behalf. But, I guess there is no logic involved when you discuss things with a republican.

I did experience my first migraine on Sunday. Ouch. My two younger daughters get them and I can say they are incredibly brave. I tried to sleep to ease the pain. Of course G1 (the quiet one) came into my room twice to ask me something and when she did that two of the cats snuck in and we had to get them out. Timing is everything!

My sister (the DOCTOR) is coming into town this week. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving a little early. It will be fun, an opportunity to get the fam together. The kids are excited to see her. She is a really fun Auntie.

I was looking at my "calendar" and I have conferences for G3 I need to get G3 and her friend to Brownies (thank goodness I have a good friend who can pick them up!) and I am co-leading this year for G1's GS troop so I will be doing that too.Gosh I hope this headache calms down by tomorrow! I don't do well with pain.

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