Monday, November 9, 2009

I came to a great conclusion

I think I finally figured out why my work has been so mediocre. I have always considered myself to be fairly intelligent. There is really no other explanation for my kids being as sharp as they are.

The thing is, I make a lot of silly little mistakes in my work. Looking back, I don't think I ever thought I could get better. I remember when I was young I don't think there was a whole lot expected of me. Before I continue I do need to say that I have always felt loved and valued. I had wonderful parents. My Mom has stood by me through many, many things that others would not have. My Mom and Dad loved each other very much. I also need to say that I am not blaming anyone for anything. The point is that reaching for the stars was not what I was geared for. I guess I got into a really bad habit of expecting to screw up. Not anymore.

Recently, I have taken on an "Expect the Best" mantra. My work is error free. I am confident that when I enter journal entries or A/P item it is right. To be real honest with myself, for a long time when my errors were pointed out and my boss would get frustrated, I would think to myself "but do you see the errors others make?" This is a terrible way to look at things. It doesn't matter what others do. They don't have the same responsibilities I do and quite frankly it is none of my business. I can only deal with my stuff. And now I am. It will be a fabulous feeling during the upcoming month end to not have to answer the endless questions about why I did the wrong thing.

But, getting back to the blog title, here is my schedule today:

Work til 5:30
Go to Mom's to give her medicine
I have a volunteer meeting
I need to deliver some TS that was ordered (week's ago)
I need to pick up and cash my check from my second job
I need to pick up some groceries
if there is some extra time, I want to take a walk with one or all of my daughters. We'll see

OK, where's the cat??????????

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