Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And again, busy, busy, busy

So, I had a really long meeting last night. Luckily, just prior to that I went to visit my Mom. I have been giving her medicine to her on Mondays and Fridays. Over the past two years or so she has aged quite a bit. She moved into an assisted living facility, which by the way is a wonderful place and recently it was decided that we needed to make sure she was taking what she needed.

Her short-term memory has been compromised and she also doesn't retain some other items like where I work or what I do. It's amazing though, what she does remember. She knows my kids birthdays. She remembers taking care of G3 - which she really misses. She is also very clear about my kid's individual personalities - but not what grades they are in. All in all still really is still very much my MOM. She is a very strong, loving and intelligent woman. I always believed that because I was her daughter I could do anything. This is the biggest reason that when things got hard I hung in there. Regardless of all that, I feel absolutely blessed that I am able to visit her. I am also grateful that I can finally help her.

So, I visited Mom, I went to that meeting, I cashed my check. It was about 9:00 before I was even at home. I did get a chance to chat with G2 and G3. I spoke a little to G1 but she and I tend to not need a lot of words. She did have a wonderful day off.

"What's his name" did take G2 to her sports registration which I really should give snaps for. I could be bitchy and complain about all the things he did last night that irritated me but as my Mom likes to "Your the one who married him"

Bless you Mom for your wisdom, guidance and above all your sense of humor!

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