Friday, November 6, 2009

Ow, Ow, Ow

I don't have much time and it hurts to move but I just need to say that I hope I can keep this exercise going. I know if I stop the pain would be for nothing.

G1 - G3 have been very encouraging. The night I was doing my cardio, G1 came in and said "could you fill this out for school?" and "Hey, are you watching 24". When I went to use some hand weights, G3 (always the encouraging one) said "Those are only five pounds". And, G2, nods her head in agreement (and I am assuming encouragement) when I tell of my accomplishments.

When they were little I would get positive reinforcement from them by saying "let's have a yay Mommy! " it was great and very enthusiastic. As they have gotten older they want to know why I deserve it! Ok, how about I feed, clothe and house you? It's never enough!

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