Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm sooo tired.....

Last night (or actually this morning) at about 3:30 a.m., my littlest came into my room because she couldn't sleep. This of course means mommy can't sleep either. I let her sleep next to me because I thought that would be of comfort to her. Now, I am so exhausted I can barely type.

G1 was so excited for her birthday!!! I love it when she gets so animated. Tomorrow night she is going to have some friends over to celebrate. I am really happy about that because she is so rarely social. It should be really fun. Her Dad ("what's his name") offered to buy pizza and that was kind of cool.

G2 has a party to go to this weekend and her knee seems to be improving so that's another bright spot.

Also, I don't work at my third job on Saturday so maybe I can get some rest before G3 has her choir thing at church on Sunday.

I have decided that I really need to let go of my third job. I don't think it is helping as much as it is taking away from the family. If I can focus, I think I can make up for the lost income by planning things better. I sure hope so. I am getting too old to always work six days a week. Plus I don't like missing out on all the kids stuff on the weekends.

I did start another home biz. Check it out by clicking HERE.

Hopefully there will be more to write about tomorrow......

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