Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It only takes a second!

And everything changes.

It's really nothing as dramatic as it could be but my middle baby got hurt yesterday. During her first day of B-Ball tryouts she got hit in the knee and heard a pop! I am so lucky I work with the people I do. When I got her call all they said was go! We have an urgent care in town so we did not have to go to the ER. It was a long wait (about an hour so it could have been worse). The "Doctor", actually a physician's assistant, was really bitchy until I asked him ever so gently "has it been a long day? You seem irritated." Then, he was a little more personable. It's funny, I don't make near the amount those people do but, I am expected to treat others with respect. I would anyway but the point is that I think sometimes people in the medical field forget that they are dealing with actual people. My sisters would never behave that way. (I'm just sayin')

I am very proud of how pragmatic my G2 was about the whole thing. She had decided a while ago that she would rather play first string on the 9th grade team than make JV and sit on the bench. According to her line of thinking, this injury just assures her that she will get more playing time. THAT'S MY GIRL!

Anyway, again, I need to give snaps to "What's his name" as he was very helpful last night. He made dinner and held the house together while I was with G2 and when I went to my Mom's later to give her the meds she needs. What a neat way to end my day - I spent time with my Mom. Her memory is really getting bad from minute to minute. She kept saying "so when is your sister coming to town?" and "I should know this shouldn't I?" but she is in very good spirits. There is a calm about her that is so very welcome and warm. That was the biggest gift of all when she was helping with the kids. They got to spend time with her. When I would get home after school or work the house was warm and calm and we all felt loved.

So, tonite is conferences and two Girl Scout meetings.


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