Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holy Mackeral my Oldest is going to be 16!

I don't know how it happened! One day I have this infant, this quiet little bubba that barely peeped (unless she was hungry) the next, here she is - A big girl.

It's an amazing thing to watch a human being develop. Raising G1 has been a particularly wonderful experience for me. She communicates the opposite way that I do. I am very direct. G1 has a tendency to hold back much of what she is thinking until she is sure of things. She also has asberger's syndrome, as I have mentioned before. This has made our living and growing together so very rewarding. She takes a class in which she learns how to socialize more toward the norm. The beauty of it is that the teacher has never asked any of these student to change who they are. She has not so much been encouraged to "fit in" but to cope in a world that (in large part) thinks differently than she does. I personally think all middle school kids would benefit a great deal from the lessons that she has learned.

Another really wonderful thing about my eldest's personality is that she is incredibly honest. I refer to her as being "guileless" as this is the most positive way to look at it. She never fakes a good mood. She doesn't say things just to be nice. She also is very, very intelligent. She has an amazing ability toward public speaking. I used to think she was shy. She is not. She just keeps things to herself and is very particular about who she spends her time with.

I could go on and on about the virtues of my daughter as she brought me into this world of parenting I thought I would never approach. She started the best thing that I ever did- Be a MOM.

I love you baby. Happy Birthday :)

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