Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sometimes it's hard to be a Mother

But it's also really hard to be my daughter. My G3, I have just discovered is not doing well in school. For the first time since G1 was in grade school, I left a parent teacher conference crying. It was different with G1 as she (we later determined) has a good reason for struggling. With G3 it's a whole different scene. She's just is not trying and that hurts more than a clearly identifiable issue. The truth is, I really wasn't paying enough attention to what she has (or has not) been turning in or wearing to school.

The silly part of this whole thing is that because "What's his name" lives with us, I got this idea that I wasn't parenting alone. I thought that since he put her on the bus in the morning, he would make sure she was properly attired and had eaten her breakfast. Boy, was I wrong!!! I thought that when her homework was done he may have taken a look at what she had done. Wrong again and this is my fault for assuming that an adult would be responsible.

I have made some mistakes in regard to what I can leave up to "What's his name" but never again. From now on, my eyes will be on my baby. I have vowed with her, to spend time in the evening with homework, picking out clothes and settling in to a good sleep schedule. I promised her that we will work through these things together.

Last night, we read together, picked out her clothes and made sure her homework was done correctly. She even shared a "Where's Waldo" with me. It was a great start. Honestly, I had let that closeness go since "What's his name" moved in. I have really been a hermit lately and this is just the kick I need to get back on the parenting course and remember that others need me to be strong - even with my flaws.

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