Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Weather is bad and I need to make this quick

Busy day here at the paper but I had to share what my G1 said last night. I thought it was very profound.

After having to tell "What's his name" to pick up his cigarette butts up in the garage (which by the way G2 had asked him not to smoke in there) and arguing with him about, of all things, Sarah Palin's book signing (don't even get me started), I blew up. I got into an argument with my youngest about her homework and was really not rational. Anyway, my darling oldest was studying or reading a book in bed. She has such a gentle nature I thought it made sense for me to chat with her. I shared what had happened and she said she gets frustrated with G3 also. She also said "As much as I hope papa gets a job, I really think he needs something to help his self-esteem. At least that's what I hope for."

You know, sometimes when you aren't looking your kids start to grow up.

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