Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I swear! I was going to post last night but...

I was just too tired! I think I am starting to feel better though. The tummy has settled down a bit and I am not half asleep in my office. Baby girl (G3) is home sick again today - She is pretty sad about it though. They have a holiday party on the last day of school and she is missing it.

I have to write about a moment I had with G1 when she was younger. I think she was about 10 when the school gave the girls in her grade "the talk". She is an absolute master with absorbing information and found the topic of her period (and all that comes with it) particularly fascinating. She would ask G2 if she thought she would use pads or tampons (at the dinner table) and generally bring the subject up at will.

One day I found her standing in the middle of the kitchen with an empty cup. I asked her why and she said "There is no Kool Aid". I was easily frustrated at that time and thought she was just being passive aggressive so I very abruptly grabbed the pitcher and started to make more. She continued to stand there. When she was in my path for the third time I said "Honey, you are going to have to stand somewhere else". She then went into the hallway (with her cup)and started tracing (very noisily) on the wall. I, again, not the most patient person at the time, yelled to her "If you don't stop that right now I am going to ground you for a month" or something to that effect.

After all was said and done, I felt really bad for overreacting and not explaining what it was that upset me. I went into her room (where she had gone to hide after I yelled) to iron things out.

ME: Honey, can I talk to you?
A1: Ok.
ME: I need to explain to you why I got so upset earlier. You see sometimes....
A1 (with her hand gently on my arm) Is it hormones?

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