Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

And it has started out really well. On New Year's Eve G2 went to a party (of course), G1, G3, "What's his name" and I played Yahtzee and and watched this really fabulous movie - "Up!". The next day G3 and I went to visit my Mom and we had a really wonderful time.

Trying to be true to my word, I spent a bit more quality time with the gals. G1 and I dyed her hair pink - just the right side of her bangs and it looks really fun. G3 and I baked and played games. It was really helpful that I didn't have to work at my third job. G2 and I seem to always find the time to connect. Usually this happens when I am giving her a ride somewhere but we really get a chance to talk and to me that is such a gift!

This is a very busy week at the paper. It is year end so there is lots and lots to do. I will post when I can.

Also, I found a set of DVD's that is Yoga for weight loss. I am going to check it out tonite. No promises but I want to give it a try.

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