Monday, January 18, 2010

Again, It has been a really long time

It is a busy time of year for accountants. That is my only excuse. I have been working through lunch. We did have quite the holiday party on Friday. With events like that I never mind giving a lot to the org. The people in our office really do their best to "Give a little love". Complete with cab fare home to make sure people are safe.

So, the premier of 24 was on last night. I was clear with everyone that I wanted to WATCH it. G1 was on the internet and she rarely is interuptive unless she feels like talking - which is not often. G2 was at a sleepover - of course. But, G3...she did alright at first she sat next to me quietly. Occassionally she would put her head on my knee. The problem was when we went into the second hour:

"Mom, can I tell you a story"

Honey, I really want to see this

"Mom, does anybody know that Jack Bauer is an agent"
"Mom, which one is his granddaughter and is that the granddaughter's mom?"
"Ok I'll wait for a commercial - Mom, I'm hungry"

I am not complaining as it is great to be loved. She is a wonderfully affectionate gal and is still young enough that she will lean on me while we are on the couch. Soon she will think she's too old for that and I will miss it terribly.

The gals have today off for Martin Luther King Jr. day. I know that G1 was excited for that. She has been overwhelmed. This happens toward the end of a school term.

I don't know what I am going to do. G1 will be done with high school in a little over 2 years. Recently, she said she wanted to take a year off and then go to college. Honestly, I am afraid if that is what she does she will end up like I did. I didn't really accomplish anything post secondary-wise until I was in my thirties.

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