Friday, January 8, 2010

It's not so much that it's cold...

It's that it's so cold my eyelashes get frozen together! Holy Mackerel! It is exhausting just getting to work! The wind is blowing and it's 1 degree out there!

I am really looking forward to the weekend. G2 has basketball. I am working on Saturday. Oh yeah, and "What's his name's" folks are visiting. It's funny that this is the only time since he has moved in that he has really put an effort into cleaning up his area. It's not that he doesn't do any cleaning. He does some dishes. He cleaned the downstairs bathroom the other night when I asked him to. After that though, he let me know that some of the bleach from G1's hair coloring was still out. Anyway, the folks are coming. They are really nice people and I wish the gals would see more of them. They want to. It just don't think it's my place or my duty to make it happen. Plus, with no insurance on the car I really don't want to drive way up north. It would be too much of a risk.

Beyond that, there really isn't a whole lot new going on. I am going to visit my Mom tonight and I always enjoy that. She has been in really good moods lately so I am grateful.

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