Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The fool on the hill

AKA: the fool sitting at the computer desk "What's His Name".

So, I got a note from G1's special ed teacher. Here is a snipet:

"She said she is having trouble concentrating at home. She wanted to know where she could work after 4:00. I told her at home. Our library is only open until 4:00. She said one reason she is having trouble concentrating is the computer. The other reason she said is that her dad has taken over her desk at home. I suggested she talk to him and share her feelings with him."

There were also comments about me. I am not sympathetic enough and don't give her enough attention but I find it easier to look at other people's wrongs first. So, I called him to talk about his stuff.

I told him I thought it would be helpful if he wasn't on the computer all the time. This may send a healthier message to G1 about getting things done first. His response: "Well, ok, sometimes I feel like I could just watch TV instead". I had no response to that.

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