Friday, March 19, 2010

And the Band Played on....

Life just keeps going.

I had a meeting will G1's special education team yesterday. It was truly a wonderful experience. They are so dedicated to preparing her for the future. What a gift! We talked about both positive behaviors as well as the things that need improving. She is going forward with the goal that she needs to be more organized and she needs to learn how to ask for help from those caring individuals around her. In so many ways she reminds me of "What's his name". The big difference between the two, I think is that she has had early intervention in terms of how to communicate and how to let her attributes shine.

My G2 is learning about many different disorders in her health class. Her teacher is so invested in special needs kids and is really taking the time to show the class how these special kids can shine and how their lives are effected. He has also taken an amazing amount of time exploring the world of those with depression. He has had speakers - and these are peers who have either had depression or have been close to someone who has taken drastic measures (suicide attempts) because of untreated depressive illness. Having been diagnosed with clinical depression, I am grateful that the schools are taking at least some preliminary action to help at the earlier stages. These growing years can really make or break a person at risk.

"What's his name" has gotten a job. It is still temporary but very high paying and he seems to be really thrilled about the opportunity. Once again, I am hoping this could lead to better things for him. In turn, that would lead to better times for me and the gals.

All in all a really great week!

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