Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who was that boring ghost writer?

Yesterday was a feeble attempt on my part to get back into blogging. I think sitting in my chair and trying to type on the LP is not the way to go. It seems to strip me of my bitterness and I can't have that when I am writing.

Ok, "What's his name":
Apparently, he is now thinking about looking into finding a place to live (maybe). He would like a car first. Of course he hasn't said anything to me - the G's keep me informed. It's funny how I just DO things. He somehow has these choices. I have said to him on three separate occassions that the thing that really gets to me is that even though I only offered him a place to stay for the summer, he is still in my house and not once has said to me "Hey, would you be ok with me staying until things get back on track" or at least something to that effect. Even after saying that (very directly as is my way) he still hasn't mentioned it. I don't get that kind of manipulative personality.

The other day (Sunday), knowing he gets paid every other Friday I asked him if he had gone to the bank (give me his rent / child support) he said "no but I will". It's funny that this kind of crap still stuns me, but it does. Anyway, I said "Do you really think I should have to ask?" "No, but I  just spaced it". he doesn't space the cable/internet bill but pay me? OOpps. grrr.

My gals react to him in their own way G1 is very accepting, G2 feels that you can't change anyone, only your reaction to them and G3 is getting better but she is the one determined to get him to see things her way. None of them seem hurt by his lack of attention or ability to parent (except G3 who is getting better), they accept him for who he is. He did take two of them swimming at a really cool lake. The funny thing is because he was going to take them on the bus I offered the car but he wouldn't except although he did "let" G2 drive them there (with my car??)

It's just...................

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  1. You have the patience of a saint, Maggie! LOL! Can't shoot 'em. Well, the hell you can't!