Monday, August 8, 2011

I know, I know.......

Hello everyone! So much has happened since I last hit this blog. I have a new job, it's summertime. G1, G2 & G3 are atill very active, and we still live with our three cats and "what's his name". I'm still missing my Mom but am very lucky to have my Auntie MJ in town. I don't visit as much as I should but she gives me strength with her wit and wisdom.

I am typing thia on a relatively new laptop (and it really is on my lap). My fingers are not at all used to the keyboard so I have to do a lot of backspaces and retyping.

I really want to rededicate myself to writing again. So much has happened it will take a while to get caught up. I left my beloved paper and have moved to a brand new industry. I am now an accounting analyst for this great audio visual company. The amazing thing about this change is that I still get to work with such diverse personalities. But I think I need to segue (sp) to a subject that has been on my mind.

Relationships. There are so many ways to define that word but it seems like with the dawn of facebook and dating sites it has a more pointed meaning. Click here for what my search found. Pretty simple stuff right? The thing is that the connotations are a lot deeper now. To take the word literally I could in all honesty say I am in a relationship with the clerk at the corner store. We interact, we see each other a lot, we chat. I could say I am in a relationship with all those idiots I see on ther freeway. We communicatre regularily, granted many times it's with a beep or hand gesture...I could say in all honesty I am in a relationship with thousands of people but I think that would make me look a little slutty.

I have noticed how our language has changed. It's hard not to correct the e-mails and texts with misspellings. Am I getting older or just more judgemental??

Tomorrow, i must rant! There is a lot of that to catch up on.

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  1. I've never been comfortable with the on-line romance thing. Too afraid I'm being wooed by a serial killer. I met Alex (my 3rd husband and current husband of 25 years) the night before he left for a 6 month cruise in the Navy. He is 15 years my junior and we became pen pals while he was at sea. A couple of trips to San Francisco later to see me, and well, nature took its course. Keep the faith!